The training for Logic Programming

1) Beat this game 10 times out of 10

2) Then play chess online and beat the computer, must win 10 out of 10 times, you can use the online strategy tool

3) Next solve the sudoku puzzle. No shortcut you must finish one by one at a time

4) This time you got to solve the rubik cube within a specific time. There is a problem with the navigation but it lets you know what to expect really in a 3D manipulation environment

5) Research on these chess computer programs “Houdini 2.0” or “Deep Rybka 4”, “Deep Blue”. Use google to search as much information as possible. Then I will start you on computer hardware training to learn every single part in a computer. You will also learn how to repair a computer before lastly is software training where you need to learn the OS, and every program of the OS, and a programming language eg Java or C++.

6) I will then breakdown all the source codes of the chess game and teach you every single process, how everything works and you must create a better program then what I had shown you, solving and winning the chess game against the computer in the fastest time possible. This will train you in programming logic skills.

7) Project Best Logic Chess Game against the computer. Which has the best chance of winning? Houdini 2.0, Deep Rybka 4 or Deep Blue?

– Contributed by Oogle.